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Face and Hair Clinic is delighted to offer a variety of facials which can be satisfying to the needs of an individual’s skin type.

face icon - Best Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplants in Vadodara India

Anti Aging

As part of the ageing process the skin of the face and neck progressively loses its elasticity..

facelift - Best Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplants in Vadodara India


Now age is never overcome your look. Treatment for any face issues.

Laser treatment - Best Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplants in Vadodara India

Facial Cosmetic

Wide range of treatment involving the whole face, nose, lips, ears, and neck

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Most Powerful  Age control treatment

The Face & Hair Clinic in Vadodara provides highly specialized Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplants. Combining the latest in precision technology with the excellent surgical craftsmanship, we take good care of our patients and give a surely first class experience.

Plastic surgery requires a seamless combination of art and science, something which Dr. Megha fully appreciates. She offers the best-desired result for both the face and hair. She has traveled the world working alongside the finest plastic surgeons, cherry picking the best ways which he now offers at his Vadodara’s Face and Hair Clinic practice.

Woman Face-Best Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Treatment, Vadodara, India
beautiful woman - Best Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplants in Vadodara India

Leading Cosmetic Surgeon in  Vadodara, India

Our surgical procedure is based on the models of natural aesthetics. The Scandinavian way of life with its taste of beauty, simplicity, functionality and healthful living controls everything we do. At our practice, we concentrate on providing a natural look and a less-is-more approach, especially in our cosmetic procedures. Our treatments appreciate the balance and relationships of the face and body, and produce results that restore and improve, but are never exaggerated.

Look Your Best, Feel Your Best with  Cosmetic Surgery

A promise to be the best. A surgeon whose primary goals are patient safety and natural appearing results. These are the hallmarks of Face and Hair Clinic Vadodara, India. Known for her expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Megha specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face with including facial rejuvenation. We have experienced cosmetic surgeons as well as dedicated staff to provide our patients with the highest attention followed by highly individualized care to help them reach their artistic goals.

What patients say About  Face and Hair Clinic

We never feel complete our treatment unless our patients give us some review of our treatment. Here some of them


Dr. Megha is a very talented plastic surgeon and an amazing human being. Not all plastic surgeons are created equal! While the technique is important, the aesthetic vision of the surgeon is just as important as the technique. Dr. Megha possesses both technical skills and a great eye for the proportions and aesthetics of the face. She is a very caring surgeon, who provides great aftercare which is so important and so often overlooked. To top it all, She is fun and down to earth person!! The office staff is great as well! If you are considering facelift Dr. Megha should definitely be on your list of surgeons to see.

Amrita Gosh
Founder & CEO Ira Academy
vipul pandya Sparkz thumb

Everything from the consult to the procedure was a great experience. Everyone in the office/practice was warm, welcoming, informative, and non-threatening. They offered guidance and input that made my results better than they would have been any better than expected. Would absolutely recommend to other guys out there.

Vipul Pandya
CEO Employa Technologies

I had a broken nose due to a car accident that left me with a crooked nose and deviated septum. Dr. Megha was great every step of the way! She takes her time to make sure all your questions are answered and makes you feel at ease. She has the best bedside manner, personable and most importantly, She does a great job! My nose is straight and I can breathe better than I ever could before. Thank you Face n Hair Clinic:)

Dharmesh Patel
Singer at Kalrav Music

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