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Face & Hair Specialist
Dr. Megha Vyas

Dr. Megha Vyas is one of the most exceptional cosmetic surgeons and Hair transplant experts in vadodara. She is a highly trusted specialist in cosmetic and corrective surgery of the face, head, and neck and an expert in the field of general Otolaryngol medicine and surgery (Ear, Nose, and Throat [ENT]).

She dedicates her self to giving his patients with an exclusive procedure and excellent treatment. Dr. Megha and her professional staff provide personalized patient care, kindly guiding you through each step of the process, from initial consultation to recovery and follow-up.

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We are offering reliable services

Face and Hair Clinic is delighted to offer a variety of facials which can be satisfying to the needs of an individual’s skin type.

Most Powerful Age control treatment

Face & Hair Clinic holds the privilege of being first choice Clinic

The Face & Hair Clinic provides highly specialized Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplants. Combining the latest in precision technology with the excellent surgical craftsmanship, we take good care of our patients and give a surely first class experience.

Cosmetic surgery requires a seamless combination of art and science, something which Dr. Megha fully appreciates. She offers the best-desired result for both the face and hair. She has traveled the world working alongside the finest plastic surgeons, cherry picking the best ways which he now offers at his Face and Hair Clinic practice.

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Cosmetic Surgery

Leading Cosmetic Surgeon

Our surgical procedure is based on the models of natural aesthetics.

The Indian way of life with its taste of beauty, simplicity, functionality and healthful living controls everything we do. At our practice, we concentrate on providing a natural look and a less-is-more approach, especially in our cosmetic procedures. Our treatments appreciate the balance and relationships of the face and body, and produce results that restore and improve, but are never exaggerated.

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We are known for achieving natural-looking cosmetic improvements and for using advanced systems to rejuvenate aging or damaged skin.

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Every year, we serve tens of thousands of women and men to consider unique about themselves. It’s a journey that requires a relationship of trust with our surgeons, practitioners, and nurses, who are some of the best in the city.

Emegency Care

In the Emergency Department, accurate diagnosis in a minimum of time is critical to ensure the best patient outcomes.


Expert Diagnostics

Improves troubleshooting efficiency and reduces diagnostic steps up to 50% by leveraging a database of real-world repair reports from around the globe.


Advanced Measurements

The accurate measurement of patient-related outcomes of facial plastic surgery procedures relies upon the development, standardization, and use of validated, procedure-specific quality of life instruments


Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

If you Looking for Cosmetic surgery

In Addition with Facial Contouring, Dedication to being the best A surgeon whose primary goals are patient safety and natural-looking results. Face & Hair Clinic of Facelift and Hair Transplants. Dr. Megha is Known for her expertise in Face Augmentation and reconstruction surgery.

We offer the latest in skin care treatments and surgical techniques in comfortable, spa-like environments. Find the benefits of both surgical and non-surgical procedures we offer to reinvent your youth performance brought by the natural aging process

Correct treatment for the right patient

We hope that you are thinking about cosmetic surgery now or in the future. We are here to guide you through every step of your surgical experience with us.

We define the success of Cosmetic surgery treatment by satisfying our patients. So, you will see that we always go out of our way to expand attentive, patient-focused care. This means listening to your special desires and goals for plastic surgery and recommending treatment that will give you the best possible results.


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If you still can’t find the information that you need? Please call us and let us know how we can help you. Someone from Face & Hair Clinic will be in touch soon.

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What people says
Patient Testimonials

Your treatments, or should I say your healing hands, have had such a positive impact on my wife recovery – I genuinely didn’t think My wife would look and feel this well at just the ‘three weeks later’ stage. So my thanks to you for the wonderful work that you do and for the part you have played in my attempt, before I am too old, to improve my self-confidence and to start living a little, instead of trying to blend into the background which has long been my ‘default setting’.

Deepesh Dar, Google My Business

have moved to Vadodara, I found Dr. Megha for over a year for laser. Before coming to them I had visited other clinics and they were fine but I did not get the same level of assistance and results as I did with Dr. Megha’s Face and Hair Clinic.

Kritika Salariya, Google My Business

I get my laser done by Kinjal, who is the sweetest most fun person to talk to and have great discussions with. She is friendly and understands the trouble spots for me with hair growth and takes her time with all the problem areas.

Arti Pandya, Google My Business