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Super safe and fast Hair Transplants

If you’re unhappy with your looks, your pride and self-confidence can suffer. Why deny yourself the happiness you could have with a new, improved look? It only takes a day to start your new life with your hair at The Best Hair Transplant, Vadodara, India.

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How we transplant your hair?

Hair transplants offer men and women a lasting solution to their hair loss. The basis of hair restoration surgery is taking “safe hair” and removing it to an area on the scalp where there is balding or thinning. What makes the process permanent is the newly transplanted hair follicle will retain it’s “safe” donor characteristics.

The best hair transplant treatment in Vadodara, India

Its 100% safe and lifetime

It is a safe and effective way of restoring the youthful appearance of the hair into your life and reframing the face, allowing a more gentle appearance to the facial contours.

Hair transplant is a medical treatment that replaces hair follicles, which will usually last a lifetime, to an area of noticeable hair loss that we call the recipient area.

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Re-Gain your Natural Look

At the Face and Hair Clinic, we shine at both the art and science of hair transplantation.

The art is to push the follicles to create an entirely natural look and to gain the most cosmetic benefit from each graft that is transplanted. The science is to ensure the maximum survival of the transplanted grafts and the minimum disruption of the donor area.

The best hair transplant treatment in Vadodara, India

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No pain, scarring, & stitches

Our Face & Hair Clinic performs the addition of beautiful, natural-looking hair. Treatment of minimally invasive hair transplants includes no pain, no scarring, no stitches, and free hair loss solution! We also provide linear strip methods for extensive hair transplant treatments.


Expert will answer any Query

Our hair doctors and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions about various Hair Transplant Technologies, and hair restoration techniques can best meet your individual needs in our clinic.


No more hair loss

When a rapidly growing technological life given on the rehabilitation of the face and hair can return to your hair, there is no need to be with hair loss.


Hair specialist Vadodara

Hair Transplant Treatments


Bio Natural FUE Technique

Which works with the motive to improve the hair transplant results as well as improve the condition of the existing hair.

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Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy for Hair Growth

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Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment that helps to cure baldness in both males and females by reducing hair loss, promoting hair growth, and slowing male pattern baldness.

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Hair Loss Therapy

We offer a couple of hair loss therapy procedures for stopping hair loss.

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Beard Transplant

It is the perfect treatment for someone who needs a little help in achieving the ideal beard.

Hair Transplant FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A photo consultation or an in-person consultation is the first step in the process.

Generally, our consultations take place in Alkapuri, Vadodara.

Some patients present themselves for surgery with very early hair loss and a significant amount of miniaturization.

We recommend that to treat the condition with medication and to wait until a transplant is necessary. However, with recent improvements, there is no need to wait until hair loss has progressed to such an advanced degree that it causes emotional distress and anxiety.

Yes, using a blend of skill, technology, and the proper techniques, hairlines, and crown coverage can be recreated in a manner that defies detection.

We typically schedule a second surgery 12-14 months after the first one. The visual inspection of growing hair allows the surgeon to place the new grafts accurately.

Yes, definitely. You should let us know

Its depends on various factors and your conditions. Some patients required less transplant and other need big amount of transplant.

As per our experience of transplant, our success rate is 99.82%, Almost cases are successfully treated.

The transplanted area will have scabbing and may look pink for 7-10 days after the surgical procedure. There is usually a bit of redness in the transplanted regions that dissipates in the range of 2-4 weeks.

Yes. You can find a list of these medications in our pre-op instructions. If you have additional questions regarding medications, please ask us.

Mega sessions can provide excellent density, coverage, and naturally undetectable results without compromising the growth. However, it is not an option for every patient. It is essential to have an experienced team perform such surgery.

The FUE process is the most effective technique available on the planet. With manual FUE, we can control the procedure during its execution.

We are also able to maintain control of the adjacent area so that we can preserve and use the donor area as effectively as possible.

The examination of each graft for its quality before extracting another is possible with FUE, and every moment of the procedure can be adjusted and changed as it is deemed necessary. In implementing this technique, every piece of equipment used is sterilized.

With modern techniques, many women with pattern hair loss are now candidates for the procedure. The most important factors are the long-term donor/recipient area ratio and the patient’s expectations of the surgical result.

We perform any treatment under local anesthesia. Once the skin takes anesthesia, no other pain or discomfort feel during the process.

We give anesthesia, according to the patient’s age and physical condition, medical history, and the duration of the procedure make the selection of pre-surgical medication and local anesthesia.

Hair Transplant Treatment Reviews

I really can’t believe how great the results are. I came here for treatment with Megha, and I’ve never been so happy about a decision I’ve made. The results are amazing. I have so much confidence and so happy with my decision to allow Face & Hair to change my life in this way!

Mona Patil

Very happy with the procedure had a great consultation with Kinjal staff very professional dr.megha did a fantastic job I definitely would recommend anyone think about hair restoration to go for it worth every penny.

Rishabh Ahuja

I Had my hair restoration procedure done in Face & Hair Alkapuri, Vadodara office on 06/11/19, performed by Dr. Megha and his fantastic team.

Kartiki Saha

The best hair transplant treatment in Vadodara, India

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