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Everything about Oculoplastic Surgery

Peripheral and facial tissue surgery, including the eyelid, eyebrow, forehead, cheek, orbit and tear system.

Oculoplastic Surgery is the art and science of plastic surgery around the eye. The eyeball is a fragile structure, protected from the frontal crust and later loss by Bonnie Cup (socket). The nerves, arteries, and muscles are run in the rear of the eye belt, carrying messages to the brain, moving the eyeball and nourishing the eye. Oculoplastic Surgery deals with all these structures around the eye. Our experts are trained to do various eyelid and facial surgery for adults and children.


When we need Oculoplastic?

An oculoplastic procedure is a type of surgery done around the eyes
Your eyes are always the first thing that people pay attention to you and is an important aspect of your overall look. As we age, our tone and shape of our eyelid can be broken and spoiled. The heredity and contact of the sun also contribute to this process. This extra puff or skin of the skin will look more tired or old than you.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can give eyes a more youthful look by removing excessive skin, mixing fat and removing loose muscle from upper or lower crusts. If the upper abdominal skin obstructs peripheral vision, the blaphoroplasty can overcome the obstruction and expand the visual field.

Oculoplastic procedures may be done on the

Blepharoplasty helps you in following terms