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Cosmetic Surgery – What Are the Most Requested Types of Surgery? - Face & Hair Clinic

Cosmetic Surgery – What Are the Most Requested Types of Surgery?

Facial Implants

If you are not happy with the shape of your face, you can opt for facial implants. There are included every area of the face, including the cheeks, chin, and jaw.

Usually, Surgeon uses facial implants for reconstructive plastic surgery. These implants aim to make specific parts of your face more prominent or balance out areas that are not even.

After the facial implant, your face will have contours that are tighter and more defined, giving you a more symmetrical look. According to experts, this determines how attractive people perceive you to be.

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job

The nose location is at the center of the face, and there is a tendency for it to get easily noticed.

Comparison of female nose, before and after plastic surgery

You may not be happy with your nose that is too big. You can get a nose job known as rhinoplasty, which can make a lot of improvements on your overall appearance, as well as boost your self-confidence whenever you meet and deal with people.

There is a variety of ways to alter the nose using surgery cosmetically. A plastic surgeon can shorten a long nose, make a full nose narrow, flatten a humped nose, and make large nostrils smaller.

Using different techniques, surgeons can bring about beautiful yet natural-looking results. No matter how the nose is shaped, cosmetic surgeons will try their best to make it look natural to match your face.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Among all the different types of cosmetic procedures, non-surgical procedures entail the smallest amount of pain and downtime.

Besides, they are the least expensive, though the results they give do not last as long as their surgical equivalent. An example is facial oxygen therapy, wherein experts will blast oxygen into the skin.

Some non-surgical cosmetic procedures are dermal fillers, chemical peels, collagen and Restylane injections, laser skin resurfacing, and microdermabrasion.

In general, liposuction is considered a non-surgical procedure, but in truth, it is a minor surgical procedure.

Most non-surgical procedures improve the way your skin looks in the short-term.

As an example, the Clinic uses injections to help reduce wrinkles, while using collagen to add volume to areas like the lips. Collagen, when injected into the lips, restores volume and increases fullness.

Transformation of Asian woman. Result of plastic surgery. Concept of different modifications with a face.

Laser skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion aim to reduce skin discolorations and hyperpigmentation. Therefore, they can be used to treat acne scars and sun damage.

If you want to enhance your looks but are reluctant to go through surgery and do not have the budget for it, you can opt for non-surgical procedures that are effective in helping you delay the signs of aging and maintain a younger appearance.

Cosmetic Surgery – What Are the Most Requested Types of Surgery?