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Cosmetic Chin Surgery – The Final Facial Touch - Face & Hair Clinic

Cosmetic Chin Surgery – The Final Facial Touch

Cosmetic chin surgery is a relatively simple procedure that is usually performed in about an hour or so. Scarring is minimal, and though the patient might be limited to a liquid diet for the two or three days following surgery, recovery time is typically fast. Patients are back to their usual routines within a couple of days. Side effects, including the risk of infection or numbness in the area, are rare, making the benefits of cosmetic chin surgery far outweigh the risks.

Chin Surgery vadodara

When either cosmetic or plastic surgery is mention to us, our thoughts run immediately to facelift or liposuction. Still, there are many other procedures available that, although they might not receive the same attention of their more apparent counterparts, can have a significant impact upon both the appearance and the self-confidence of a patient. One of these unsung heroes is cosmetic chin surgery, which can exert a profound effect that belies the ease with which it can be performed.

Chin Surgery vadodara

And the benefits are striking. Those of us with ample chins have probably never noticed how they suitably frame our facial features, creating a sense of balance in our face. A smaller or receding chin can set this balance awry, placing a disproportionate emphasis on other features, such as the nose, mainly if this is already extensive. In fact, chin and nose surgeries are commonly performed in a complementary fashion, to balance the patient’s features, and release their true beauty.

Chin Surgery vadodara

Cosmetic chin surgery involves the simple insertion of an implant through an incision made either underneath the chin or in the mouth. The implant will be custom designed for each patient, ensuring that the client achieves precisely the look that they and their surgeon have agreed will be most flattering to their features. The surgery can be performed under either local or general anesthetic and is usually done on an outpatient basis. Meaning that before the day is out, you will be at home again, waiting until your bandaging can be removed so that you can see the new you in all your glory.

Chin Surgery vadodara
Cosmetic Chin Surgery – The Final Facial Touch
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